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  This page was last updated on March 08, 2015
The PSKreporter system tries to gather the receiving data of as many radio amateurs as possible. This data is processed to show propagation conditions on the different bands. This enables to estimate the range of a station or to check the receiving characteristics of an antenna. Technical basis is the "PSK Automatic Reporter System" by Philip Gladstone, N1DQ. For further information please see http://www.pskreporter.info. My thanks to Philip for providing his data.

DL3DCW has started the project site PSKreporter.de to provide an improved tabular overview. For example you can find a list of all active receiving stations that can be filtered according to several criteria. If you enter your callsign in the search field to the upper right you can see which stations received your signal or wich signal you received by your self. For an overview about the present usage of digital modes on the different bands the bands statistics work optimally. Please note that PSKreporter only relies on data sent to N1DQ's system. This required client function has been implemented in programs like DM780, fldigi, JT65-HF or WSJT-X. A table with additionally client software you can find here.

If you need any help please let your mouse pointer hover above the blue questionmark icons. For further questions or messages please use the contact form.
You hopefully enjoy this site and come back soon.

73, Torsten - DL9GTB

Latest updates & information:
March 08, 2015: Country flags in DX-Cluster added.
January 25, 2015: Heatmap of individual callsign reports added. The time of the last data import in "Activity windows" is displayed now.
January 18, 2015: Heatmap of all activ monitor stations added. Please try it out.
January 10, 2015: Band chart of individual callsign reports added and further improvements.
December 27, 2014: Map views optimized and various improvements.