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  This page was last updated on July 31, 2021
The PSKreporter system gathers receive data from as many active amateur radio stations as possible. With this data, users can compare propagation conditions on different bands, estimate the transmitting station’s signal range, or check the receiving characteristics of a station’s antenna. "PSK Automatic Reporter System" was designed by Philip Gladstone, N1DQ. For further information please see www.pskreporter.info. Thanks to Philip for providing his data.

DL3DCW originally developed PSKreporter.de to show data in an improved tabular view. For example, users can create a list of all active receiving stations that can be filtered according to several criteria. If you enter your callsign in the search field to the upper right corner of the web page, you can see which stations received your signal or which stations you were able to receive. For an overview of current digital mode use on the different bands click on the bands statistics link for a chart showing a breakdown by digital mode, e.g. FT8, CW, RTTY, etc. Note that PSKreporter only relies on data sent to N1DQ's system. This required client function has been implemented in programs like DM780, Fldigi, JT65-HF, WSJT-X or MultiPSK. See the client software for additional information.

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Grey Line Map
Latest updates & information:
July 31: RBN Archive updated.
June 08: RBN Archive updated.
May 30: Maidenhead Grid Map fixed. Tnx Richard, K4BXK.
May 13: I have now set up new map layers. I hope that this will reduce the costs.
Band  sun Day  sun Night
80m-40mPoor Fair
30m-20m Fair Fair
17m-15m Poor Poor
12m-10m Poor Poor
Geomagnetic Field: ACTIVE
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